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Digital Content Framework

The Digital Content Framework

Beconz backend is a cloud based platform, where digital content can be created and published to mobile phones.
Beconz is a free frontend app intended to use on the international and domestic markets, available for Android and iOS based mobile systems. Our partners can publish digital discounts, infopanels or advertisements directly to Buyers’, Visitors’ mobile phones irrespective of their position, or based on staying in a specific geolocation, or by (i)Beacon-based technology while shopping in the shop itself, or in the showroom. The product or the service, or even the work of art addresses the Customers, Visitors!

Swiss Army Knife of Marketing

What Beconz uniquely represents in the world, is its many options for accessing digital content and the full range of professional services organized around them. Digital content can be published on a site-specific and location-independent basis, either indoors or outdoors. The content could be personalised, and technology ensures that Customers, Visitors can get advertisements, discounts, or infopanels on their mobile phones whenever and wherever they can get the most out of it, whether shopping or spending time in a cultural institution.

HPE Aruba Meridian support

Our service includes the integrability of the HPE ARUBA Meridian system. This Indoor Navigation interface ensures that Customers, Visitors, know exactly where they are, see the stores and navigate to the store of their choice. Up through levels. The system manages elevators and floors. Customers can see the unique offers of the stores and easily decide which ones to visit for shopping.

GPS based geolocation service

Our partners can publish digital discounts, infopanels, and advertisements for specific GPS coordinates. Customers, Visitors, Hikers can get digital content in cities, squares, streets, or even on the riverside while traveling, walking, or driving.

The most advanced technology

The system greatly contributes to the comfort of the customers, raises the awareness of the purchase, thus reinforcing the commitment with making the purchases more efficient and enjoyable. Our service includes a wide range of tools and great features like customer satisfaction measurement and reward points.

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