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Collect, order and use your favourite digital coupons on your mobile phone!

Beconz is a mobile application, Beconz is your very own digital coupon brochure

Beconz is a mobile application runs on your  mobile phone with Android operational system. Beconz application will also be soon available on the iOs. Our Beconz service contracted companies and its shops are capable of providing digital coupons and/or digital advertisments directly to your  mobile phone, whether online via Internet or offline via iBeacon bluetooth based, low energy consumption, micro-location technology in the shop.

Just imagine that you are in one of your favourite shop. During your shopping you can receive news about on sale products or bargain services. At the cash-desk you just show up your digital coupon running in Beconz app on your mobile phone’s display, and voila you have the discounted price for the product or services you want. Not only at shopping but also on your way to home, at home, anywhere you can have your own digitial coupons and digital advertisments set by your own products and services preferences. You just need a mobile phone and internet connection.

Beconz is the alloy of a business philosophy, a service brand name and the digital technology

Beconz is the acronym of the „Be a conscious consumer” motto and the „iBeacon” bluetooth based, low energy consumption, micro-location technology.

Essentially our service running under the Beconz brand name offers first class digital coupons and digital advertisments in a real digital coupons-space. Coupons and advertisments are uploaded by the Beconz contracted Sellers, who want to offer discounted products and/or services to you, directly displayed and handled in your very own mobile phone applications.

Our Beconz service will not support digitizer or scanned, paper based coupons or advertisments, not now and not in the future. Beconz is a pure digital platform, with an administering portal to create, edit and publish the digital coupons or advertisments. Digital coupons or advertisments are handled in the Beconz application, customized by your preferences.

Beconz mobile client app runs natively on your mobile phone, we clearly want to articulate that you use an online, live database with a client-server communication, and not a embedded web page.

Beconz is much more

The market uniqueness of Beconz is much more than we just offer digital technology based digital coupons or advertisments, in a digital coupons-space. Beconz is much more!

Beconz can offer location-based digital coupons or advertisments, during your shopping. The „iBeacon” bluetooth based, low energy consumption, micro-location technology ensures that you can get the digital coupons or advertisments right on the time, and right in the shop, when you can achieve the greatest benefit using our service. Beconz supports Senzoro and Senzorberg beacons, but we plan to broaden the manufacturer assortment soon.

Our tool is the latest technology

Our aim is to offer a highly useful service package, with the help of which you make a significant benefit and ease of using digital discount coupons while shopping. Enjoy your ride in our digital world of shopping!

Benefits of using our Beconz service

You, as a conscious shopper can save a a lot of money, time and energy, while shopping comfortably and securely.

  • Your digital coupons are gathered and maintained in one, free of charges mobile phone application
    • You do not have to buy expensive advertising newspapers! You do not have to move out from the comfort of your home!  Coupons or advertisements are coming directly to you, tailored by your very own preferences.
  • Your coupons are accessible directly on your mobile phone!
    • Compact, immediate reach of your digital coupons. You do not have to turn pages of expensive advertising newspapers bought solely from the purpose of using paper based coupons, looking for some bargian price you do not know on which paper it can be found. It is over now! You do not have to check leaflets anymore!
  • Digital coupons
    • The paperless usage of digital coupons can help you diminish the size of your ecological footprint. You can order your digital coupons and advertisements by your wery own demand. You can search and find your digital coupons at ease of use. The paper based uncertainty and impossibility of finding coupons is over now! Before the termination of time allowed of using the digital coupons you can have push notification draw your attention not to loose your precious coupons to be redeemed.
  • Your coupons are saved in the cloud and on your mobile phone
    • Your digital coupons are in a satisfactory safety. You will not loose your precious coupons. Your coupons are not bound to your mobile phone. You just have to remember to your Beconz account! You can reach your favourite digital coupons from anywhere and anytime.
  • Centralized coupon management
    • You can search among your digital coupons anytime with the ease of use! You can set push notifications about the termination time allowed for using your digital coupons. You can delete coupons or save them for later usage!
  • The coupons are exchangeables
    • Since Beconz service is a digital space of digital coupons and advertisements, they can be followed and identified easily, so Beconz will have a centralized set of coupons, which can be grant to another Beconz user!

Be part of the immediate digital discounts

Gathering digital coupons will not be easier than using Beconz services! You can also get digital coupons via iBeacon technology.

The term iBeacon and Beacon are often used interchangeably. iBeacon is the name for Apple’s technology standard, which allows Mobile Apps (running on both iOS and Android devices) to listen for signals from beacons in the physical world and react accordingly. In essence, iBeacon technology allows Mobile Apps to understand their position on a micro-local scale, and deliver hyper-contextual content to users based on location. The underlying communication technology is Bluetooth Low Energy. iBeacons can be easily implemented outdoor or indoor places such as transport stops, or in a shopping mall’s shops-window. Coupons can be read with QR codes. The future happens now!

Become a Beconz service partner

We introduce Beconz services from the sellers point of view

  • Impress the Senses
    • You, as a seller can publish video, sound or wep pages, via a Beconz service administering portal.
  • Touch the Y generation
    • You, as a Beconz service partner have access to the latest technology platform. Use modern approach to reach the internet’s generation and generate greater revenue!
  • Customizable
    • You can publish individual digital coupons and advertisements tailored to your shoppers very own preferencies!
  • Mass base
    • You can reach a big crowd of shoppers with your digital coupons and digital advertisements via mobile phone applications.
  • Advertise anytime and anywhere
    • Business never sleeps! With Beconz service, you can publish digital coupons and digital advertisements anytime any anywhere! Create, modify and publish digital coupons and digital advertisements with the help of your seller’s Beconz administering portal.
  • Do not fade into the mass
    • You can publish one time use or recurring digital coupons

If you want to get access to the Beconz services administering portal, please write a mail: info(at sign)

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